Viagra made a massive statement when it was released a few years back. Though the original hype has died down a great deal, there is nevertheless a lot of need for it on the market. Though the drug is quite popular, the simple fact of the matter is that a lot of men hardly ever know considerably more than simply the name.

Here is some info about Viagra that you might have not known before.

To begin with, Viagra is a drug you are able to just purchase with a prescription. There are no exceptions to this rule. There are a whole lot of scam internet sites that will tell you that they can sell you Viagra without a prescription though you're assured to get a fake drug. For the only thing you know, you might just be purchasing a drug which is made of ingredients you can buy yourself at the local store!

That takes us to the question of how one can start getting a prescription. The simple solution is to go consult a doctor about it. He is going to diagnose the situation of yours and after that decide if it's perfect for you. Embarrassing as it may sound, it's essentially the sole manner you are planning to get a Viagra prescription. Most doctors prescribe Viagra without a problem once they establish that you have erectile dysfunction or ED.

Prior to going and get a prescription, you ought to also know a little about the prices of Viagra. They're very expensive and the prices depend on the quantity of tablets which you buy. They are available in three strengths. 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. The surgeon will prescribe a strength based upon your age, physical condition etc. Few people can take the strongest measure of Viagra as it does not come without negative effects. A typical side effects of Viagra are generally headaches, abnormal vision, upset stomach and flushing. The doctor will even ask you if you're taking nitrates which are often prescribed for best male enlargement oil; had me going - , chest pains. If you're taking nitrates, you won't be prescribed Viagra since it is able to lead to heart attacks when taken together with the nitrates.

As soon as the Doctor decides what strength of Viagra you can begin having, he will give you a prescription with which you are able to buy the drug. You can get from legitimate on line sources so long as they're mentioned at the official Viagra internet site. Do not begin searching with an internet search engine as you're likely to end up on a scam site selling you ineffective pills. Go through the Viagra site ( to learn more about its authorized dealers.

Fifty Tablets of Viagra, regardless of the strength will set you too aproximatelly $860. As you are able to see, they are most certainly costly. They are however still extremely popular as some men need it to perform in bed. For the customers - of Viagra, it is an honest sum to pay as they will not have the ability to perform without it.